The SCS Culture

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality

At SCS we take Health and Safety seriously, and recognise that a safe site is also a productive site. We have an in house H&S Advisor, who performs regular unannounced visits and produces photographic site reports which are issued to our Clients site team as an objective record.


We pioneered initiatives such as "Don't walk By" and "See your Family tonight" which have now been adopted by our Main Contractor clients as part of their own site safety management systems.

Implemented the NotifyIT app to aid the reporting of near misses.

View our H&S Policy here

With an in house Quality Representative, our Integrated Management System (IMS) is the framework for our Companies procedures and processes, this is led from Top Management through to Site Operatives, certified to ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 standards, together with accreditations from Achilles, CHAS and ConstructionLine.

Cert No. 14891
Cert No. 14891
Cert No. 14891

We understand that in order to deliver a responsible sustainable Company, we promote inclusion from Employees and our Supply Chain.

Providing a Safe and Productive working environment, minimising the Environmental Impact of construction activities, through careful planning and preparation at the design stage, we can reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary deliveries and actively support local Apprenticeships.



We are committed to the care of the environment in doing so the Company ensures compliance with legal requirements relating to the protection of the environment. we control the impact by: -

Providing resources in the way of a Management Structure to identify all Environmental issues relevant to SCS Building Solutions work.

Reducing waste, promoting recycling, reducing energy consumption, reducing harmful emissions and where possible, to work with clients and suppliers who themselves have sound Environmental Policies.

Setting Objectives and targets to improve Environmental performance.

Monitoring and reviewing the workings of this Environmental Policy at regular intervals.

Consulting with relevant statutory bodies and stakeholders to ensure best practice is observed and continual improvement is implemented.

Our overall approach is guided by our Environmental Management System, part of our IMS, and this is certified to the ISO 14001 Standard.

Supply Chain Sustainability School SCSS

We maintain our Silver Membership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School by actively attending workshops, Webinars and CPD sessions.

View our Environmental Policy here


The Objective of the Quality Management System is to ensure that all work undertaken by SCS Building solutions, is to the highest possible standards. Further to this to ensure the compliance with any relevant legislation, customer requirements, codes of practice and industry standards.

We establish, monitor and review quality objectives on a regular basis in order to foster continual improvement in all our activities.

Quality is a crucial and integral part of our IMS, which is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

View our Quality Policy here

Fairness, Inclusion, Respect - FIR

SCS believe in the fundamentals of doing business in a way that is responsible, fair, inclusive & respectful and, above all, safe and sustainable. These are the building blocks for which we trade.

We expect everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect, be considerate, fair and polite. Do not make assumptions based on age, gender, race or background.

  • Fairness: being unbiased, and treating people according to their needs.
  • Inclusion: not making anyone feel left out or unwanted.
  • Respect: valuing the different skills different people bring to the team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We see it as part of our business to give something back, whether that be in terms of time, expertise or money.

  • Supporting the Local Economy and Investing in the Future.
  • Employ local labour through our established networks linked to our regional offices.
  • Purchase products from local suppliers and distributors.
  • Donate to local charities and sponsor sports teams.

see our Corporate Social Responsibility page

SCS fully support the Government Industrial Strategy to reduce Whole Life Building Costs by 33% by 2025 - we believe this will be achieved by bringing further innovation, efficiencies and mutual collaboration to the table. We are always open to new ideas, and look forward to working with you to develop them into something which delivers results.

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