Environmental Impact - Less is More...

Thinking twice about everything we do, before we do it, is part of the SCS way. Our approach to the Environment is no exception.

As a result of years of continual improvement, we have streamlined our services, and invested in new technologies, to reduce our carbon footprint and the wider environmental impact of our business.

Through careful planning and preparation at the design stage, we can reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary deliveries. We can often also reduce the actual quantity of materials required to achieve a desired outcome, by simply approaching the problem from a different angle.

A good example of this would be in our Dry-Lining activities, where in many cases we can install a higher specification single board solution to achieve the same performance as a double board system. In a single decision, the quantity of material needed to construct the internal partitions has been halved.... meaning half the number of deliveries, half the number of site lifting operations, and half the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process.

If the environmental impact of your project is a key driver, talk to us early in the design process - it costs nothing to talk, but could save the Earth.... well a bit of it anyway.