Profit is Not a Dirty Word

At SCS we work hard so that our clients achieve sustainable profit margins, and in return aim to establish long term working relationships, which are also profitable for ourselves and our supply chain.

As we all know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so screwing down costs to unsustainable levels can never be a successful strategy to deliver quality outputs or build long term relationships. At the end of the day, there is no getting away from the fact that "You Get What You Pay For".

HOWEVER - Profitable Work can also be Competitively Priced, and that is why we put so much effort into:

  • Value Engineering the Design & Specification to achieve the most Cost Effective Solution
  • Minimising Waste - both in terms of Materials and Time
  • Maximising Economies of Scale
  • Embracing Technology - both to streamline our own management processes, and to pro-actively engage with BIM
  • Focusing on Efficient Coordination with trades such as M&E
  • Combining Multiple Packages to reduce Marginal Management and Preliminary Costs
  • Pioneering New Production Methods and Products
  • Leading the field in Off-Site and Pre-Fabricated Solutions

We are realists, and recognise that we operate in a highly competitive market.

We have continually grown our business since being established in 1994 by remaining focused on our core mission - Building Mutually Advantageous Relationships.

SCS fully support the Government Industrial Strategy to reduce Whole Life Building Costs by 33% by 2025 - we believe this will be achieved by bringing further innovation, efficiencies and mutual collaboration to the table. We are always open to new ideas, and look forward to working with you to develop them into something which delivers results.